4 Steps to Sell Books Online

4 Steps to Sell Books Online


Selling books online? Selling physical books online, either new or second-hand is very easy

thanks to the various e-commerce vendors on the internet. All you need to do is create an

individual seller account, list your books on different online websites and pay a per sale fee

to them. Of course, there are various procedures to be followed and hidden costs involved

that can vary from product to product. The mode of supply also influences costs and

conditions. You could either choose to deliver the books by yourself or opt for a postal

service to do it for you!

Selling E-books is a completely different set up. If you are a budding author and wish to

reach out to larger audiences, you can make good use of the e-book trend. To understand

how to sell books on Amazon, please continue reading.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon KDP is the best way forward. It is easily accessible to everyone. KDP, or Kindle

Direct Publishing is free for opening an account, listing, as well as selling e-books and print-

on-demand books. As you sell more books, you start getting paid more for them – a royalty

ranging from 30-70% of the books’ original price is given to the author or publisher. The four

steps to selling your books online are as below:

1. Make a KDP Account:

You should sign up for an account only if you have a book that is ready for publishing. It will

give you the added benefit of having access to various tools and tutorials that can help you

fetch more sales.

You can choose to open an individual account or a business account. Though it is not ethical

to have two individual accounts, having one of each is completely fine.

Once the setup is complete, log in to your account in order to have access to your

dashboard, where can you manage the entire process pertaining to the sales and marketing

of your book.

2. Set up The Author Page

You need to join the Author Central before you can create your own author page. This is

your personal page, where you upload your bio, list all your titles and connect with your

audience. Since it can take some time for the page to kick off, it is best to do it as you make

your KDP account.

3. Get Your Book Listing Ready

Have your book completed and ready to sell. Once you are done with editing and cover

design, you are ready to upload your book. Before the book can be published, you need to

create a listing, which can be done through your dashboard. You can choose the type of

book – i.e. e-book or an on-demand paperback. The process is well guided and easy. It is

easier if all the material is ready beforehand. This includes book details, content and pricing



4. Market Your Book

Just publishing your book is not enough. It needs to reach the target audience and hence,

requires marketing. You need to make sure that your product is well market and you can

also outsource this extremely pivotal task to companies that specialise in Web Marketing

and e-commerce.

If you enrol for KDP select, you sign an exclusivity contract with Amazon and avail al the

other benefits that the company offers its patrons.

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