7 Event Marketing Tips that Will Save You from Unwanted Stress

7 Event Marketing Tips that Will Save You from Unwanted Stress

Event marketing is one of the most exciting ways to promote a brand and business. At the same time however, it is also among the most challenging to pull off. This is because you not only host a party or activity, but you have to make sure that this will be an extravaganza your audiences will cherish. Every event agency in Singapore knows this, and you should too in case you are planning to promote your brand in the future.

Along the challenge is the stress, as you would want your event to be beyond perfect –you want it to stick to the minds and hearts of the people who have gathered to experience it. But how does an event agency in Singapore pull off such projects without ever looking stressed?

Below are 7 event marketing tips they swear by:

Don’t lie.

It is common in event marketing for advertisers to promote events as big and grand as they can, sometimes to the point that they lie to their target attendees. Seasoned event marketers and promoters shy away from doing this, because the more they make up stories in their ads, the greater at risk they are in failing to deliver their promises to attendees.

So, it is best to keep things real when marketing your event. Showcase what are actually in store in your event, such as celebrity guests (that you have secured way before the promo period), the props and activities to be held, and as well as key takeaways from the event.

Make use of social media technology.

When marketing an event for your brand, it is very important that you spread the word for people to know. Letting the world know about your event has become much easier thanks to social media, as you can not only make event announcements, but promote them as well on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can even showcase sneak peek videos via YouTube to further tease your target audiences.

Automate your promotions.

You may also save more time doing social media promotion for your event by using automation tools such as Buffer or HootSuite. Through these apps you can schedule your posts on social media at specified times of the day, including reminders about your upcoming event to your followers.

Promote your venue.

According to the “Decision to Attend Study” by the International Association of Exhibition and Events, 78% of the respondents in the study said that their reason for attending events is due to the right location.

While you have researched for the best venue during the event planning stage, it is equally important to promote your location when marketing an event. It not only informs your audiences on where to go to attend your event, but it also creates a brand-venue recall for your market. The more familiar they are with the venue, the more likely they are to go to your fete.

Make use of online registration.

When you are marketing an event that requires people to register, then it is recommended to make use of online registration tools, including online ticket sales in case they need to pay in order to attend.

Online registration tools are not only convenient, but also efficient. Not only can they be accessed by your audience anytime as they please, but you also get to monitor the status of registrations ahead of time.

Use technology to stimulate attendees at the event.

Brands that make use of event marketing further spruce up the occasion by using technology. These range from augmented reality setups, virtual games and even custom photo or video filters that attendees can use once they attend the event. You may want to incorporate these when promoting your event in order to attract more people to attend.

Offer something unique in your marketing spiels.

Lastly, if your goal is for your audiences to have a first-hand experience with your brand during your event, then give them something tangible to look forward to. For example, when The Economist announced that it is now available for digital subscription, it did so via a coffee truck that gave away free cups of Kopi Luwak to audiences. Kopi Luwak is known for being rich in flavour and quality, just like the content that the popular publication provides for decades.

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